Should College Admissions Be Banned? Essay

Should College Admissions Be Banned? Essay

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The holiday 's always bring a certain sort of new anxiety. Finals, tests, research papers; in addition to just life. Christmas, Hananka, Kawaiins and the other holidays celebrated at this time brings even more anixety especially if you are worried about money and gift giving.

Life is stressful. But as students, parents and others we must learn how to manage that stress in a positive and beneficial way. The reason why I bring this up is because lately there have been a series of articles and news reports suggesting that college admissions is becoming to competive and our students are crumbling under the stress. One article I read from a college admissions advisor even went so far as to say she is suggesting that her students get B 's instead of A 's. And another college expert from a radio interview stated the UC system and other top California schools are too selective, leaving students who apply to these schools a very slim chance of even being admitted. All I can say, advice like that keeps our students from not only applying to those schools, but in addition sending a clear unde...

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Should College Admissions Be Banned? Essay

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