Essay about Should Cigarettes Be Illegal? Cigarettes?

Essay about Should Cigarettes Be Illegal? Cigarettes?

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What causes the death of thousands of Americans, infectious disease and multiple forms of cancers? Tobacco and Cigarettes are to blame. Consecutively, more than 400,000 Americans have died each year due to smoking related illnesses and cancers. The effects smoking has on the inside of the human body is so harsh and deteriorating, that there should be no reason for cigarettes to still be legal. What’s still so flabbergasting is, while knowing the life-threating effects cigarettes have, people still continue to smoke cigarettes. The continuation of cigarettes being sold and still being legal, will have no future positive or beneficial impact. Cigarettes should be illegal because cigarettes are a vigorous, addicting drug, that is very harmful to the smoker, the inhaler of second hand smoke, and the environment.
A cigarette is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as a thin cylinder of fine cut tobacco rolled in paper for smoking. Cigarettes usually come in a pack of twenty, and sells for about six dollars a pack. The tobacco is rolled inside of a rolling paper, that is made up of Hemp and Flax, which both come from plants (Rolling Paper Warehouse). Inside of a cigarette lies approximately 600 ingredients, and when consecutively burned they create almost 7000 chemicals (American Lung Association). At least 69 of these chemicals have been proved to be carcinogenic, as well as poisonous (American Lung Association). A Carcinogen is something that causes cancer. A few components of cigarettes are: Arsenic, used in rat poison, Butane, used in lighter fluid, Cadmium, also found in battery acid, and many other disturbing ingredients (American Lung Association).
Not only are the ingredients that compose cigarettes so toxic, but a...

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...begin to be a “regular” outside, and may soon meet new friends, and begin to engage in small talk to also unwind while smoking. Smoking cigarettes can also help relieve stress throughout the day. Cigarettes may also be used as a coping mechanism to help one cope with difficult times in one’s life.
Cigarettes should be illegal because cigarettes are a vigorous, addicting drug, that is very harmful to the smoker, the inhaler of second hand smoke, and the environment. Since the only benefit that comes from smoking cigarettes is pleasure, shouldn’t the government value the health and wellbeing of humans, rather than pleasure and make cigarettes illegal? Cigarettes do not deserve a spot on any stores shelves or in anyone’s pockets. Cigarettes kill hundreds of thousands of people a year, completely destroys the inside of human’s bodies and should not be legal any longer.

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