Should Christian Universities Provide A Better Education Than Other Colleges?

Should Christian Universities Provide A Better Education Than Other Colleges?

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Cover Letter
I received fantastic peer feedback on the rough draft of my essay. One of the overwhelming topics of the feedback was the validity of the topic I chose. All of my peers were interested in the validity, cost, and value of a modern college education and found my thesis statement and support on point. One of the problems noticed was my lack of support for my claim that Christian universities provide a better education than the alternative. I have provided an example supporting my claim that Christian Universities provide a better education than other colleges. The peer reviews informed me on the points in which my essay was deficient and I used the knowledge to build up support.

I will be informing my audience on the validity and quality of the modern college education. The modern education, besides being vastly expensive, has experienced a decline in quality. This essay should educate students in college and parents of students on the issues surrounding a modern college education. I will be comparing Christian based institutions to public universities to inform students of the options available to them for education. The modern college model has departed from the concept of higher education as played out in classical universities, resulting in this decline of education standards, student behavior and devotion. The cost and validity of many college degrees offered today also add to the decline of the overall university experience raising just concern in the wisdom of choosing a modern college education.

Is a Modern Education Useful in a Modern World?
Roger Scruton raises many questions about the college experience offered today. In his article, The Idea of a University, Scruton describes the classic idea o...

... middle of paper ...

...e largely abolished and the price is, well more expensive, but worth it for the quality of the education.

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