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What is a cell phone? When did the cell phone come out? Cell phones are electronic devices used for communicating. Engineer Martin Cooper was the first individual who made the first public cell phone in 1973 (Browning). Later on, the cell phone became the most important tool for our daily life in the modern world. Today society is a cell phone-controlled world, to some degree. Even though it is true that cell phones bring countless conveniences to people, the use of cell phones should be restricted. Despite their advantages as mapping and communication tools, they can cause accidents when used while driving, restrict driver’s attention which can cause safety concerns, and even lead to health problems.
First, using cell phones during driving can cause accidents.  According to the NSC, “National data show cell phones were involved in 350 fatal crashes” (Crash Data and Underreporting).  These everyday uses of cell phones include texting, calling, games, social media, and other applications for personal use. Unfortunately, many accidents have taken place due to the use of cell phones while people are driving on the road, so it will be a great idea to put them away while driving. While cell phones offer huge benefits to people lives, their use becomes a grave concern when considering driving safety. No matter how well people think they drive, people who use cell phones while driving can put others’ lives at risk. The use of cellphones while driving is increasing, and may lead to more car accidents. Therefore, it can be shown that cell phone use while driving leads to loss of life and injuries.
Secondly, cell phone conversations and texting distract drivers’ attention. According to Cell Phone Use Whil...

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...riving. Sometimes, usage of cell phones is necessary, but this doesn 't mean cell phones should be allowed during driving. We have to value human life above using cell phones as there are a lot of disadvantages of cell phones which can result in serious damage to people’s life. Before the 21st century, people did not use cellphones, and now everybody is using them. It is a great, easy way to communicate with each other, but one has to remember to use cell phones at the right time and right place, for example, when they arrive at their destination. Since the risk of accidents while using cell phones during driving is high, Cell phones should never be used while driving. Some countries such as Africa and Australia restricted cell phone use while driving. More safety precautions are needed to be taken for individuals who will be talking on their phones while driving.

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