Should Cell Phone Use Cell Phones? School? Essay

Should Cell Phone Use Cell Phones? School? Essay

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Are there really any advantages to allowing student cell phone usage in school? For many years, an ongoing battle between teachers, parents, and students has revolved around this simple, yet complex, question. David Rath states in his article that “twenty-four percent of K-12 schools ban cell phones altogether, and Sixty-two percent allow phones on school grounds but ban them in the classroom” (para. 1). Students and parents believe that cell phones can provide educational opportunities, along with a means of communication in case of emergency. However, teachers and administration argue that cell phones can distract students and add to bullying in school. I feel that students should not be allowed to use cell phones in school because it has many disadvantages.
In an article by Sarah Sparks, she conducts a study on the relationship between student success and cell phones. Sparks states, “a study of English secondary students suggests student test scores rose in middle school classes that banned phones” (para. 1). She goes on to explain, “... younger teens whose classes banded cell phones, were 2 percentage points more likely to pass the class... “(para. 3). Cell phones can cause a distraction to students causing them to slack in school. With such numbers one can infer that a ban on cell phones in class is a great idea for schools to consider.
Another article by Carter and Feleta, explains how cyberbullying has increased in recent years. Technology such as cell phones, can be used to bully peers. The authors write, “results show that 30% of participants have been bullied during school, using cellphones, and 17% have been cyberbullied... “ (para.1). Students can use phones to take pictures of other students and post...

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...owed in school, a compromise can be
made. For example, in the Toronto School District, students are allowed to have cell phones, but they are not used in the classroom setting. Students are expected to have their cell phones turned off, in their locker, or turned into a teacher. At home, students can use their cellular devices to conduct research. If an emergency occurred, it is the school’s obligation to contact parents and the emergency services. This prevents confusion and prevents blocking of phone lines.
In conclusion, there are many disadvantages to having cell phones in school such as enhanced bullying and a source of distraction for students and teachers. Also cell phones are not needed for educational purposes nor emergencies. I believe that the facts presented should persuade schools, parents, and students to place a ban on cell phones in school.

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