Should Capital Punishment Be Allowed For Criminals? Essay

Should Capital Punishment Be Allowed For Criminals? Essay

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It’s no question that the idea capital punishment has been a huge part of human history, fashioning a debate on whether or not death by decision should be allowed for criminals. Capital punishment is such a prominent subject that it is even frequently imbedded into our culture. A well-made revenge flick will always be a box office success, but surly these fables of spiteful revenge are trapped in the silver screen and don’t seep into the world we live. Although, at its core isn’t sentencing a human being to death, even though a legal process, a form of revenge? The fact is, people love “justified” killing, and it’s not just an American ideology. France didn’t even decommission the guillotine until July of 1976, a mere 40 years ago. Fast forward to the present day and nearly every civilized country around the world has abolished it, beside the United States. But that doesn’t mean many don’t want it back. “50 years after the last execution in Britain, people still tend to support the reintroduction of the death penalty, by 45-39%.” (Dahlgreen, 2014) The death penalty is one of the most polarizing and controversial topics of our time, but alas, it needs to be talked about. Capital punishment is an inhumane form of punishment and has little to no justifiable place in a civilized society. A few of the many reasons to abolish the death penalty in America is the waste of American tax dollars, threat of a wrongful conviction, unfair trials with extreme consequences, and the morality of such violent retribution.
As of 2016, the United States has 31 states that allow the death penalty. Of those 31 states, each one has its own regulations and ideologies about when to implement the death penalty. For example, Kentucky necessitates: capital ...

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...oesn’t have the ability to inflict the same act upon them.
In conclusion, while the death penalty is a very intriguing concept it’s not an idea that belongs is the America of today. Capital punishment is one of those ideas that on first glance could solve a lot of difficult problems, but the fact is, it doesn’t. The extremely high cost, threat of innocent lives being executed, and evidence of unfair trials, and questionable morality, is just a handful of reasons why the death penalty should be abolished in the U.S. There’s just too many opportunities for the process to go wrong for such an extreme form of punishment. It cannot be forgotten that juries are people with faults, and prejudices. “Capital punishment is against the best judgement of modern criminology and, above all, against the highest expression of love in the nature of God.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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