Should Canada Legalize The Use Of Recreational Marijuana? Essay

Should Canada Legalize The Use Of Recreational Marijuana? Essay

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Should Canada legalize the use of recreational marijuana? This question is one of the most debated topics in the past few years, as there are many people who support marijuana legalization and many who are against legalization. According to Ken MacQueen of MacLean’s, as many as fifty seven percent of Canadians believe that the Canadian government should legalize cannabis. There are three main reasons why Canada should legalize pot. Firstly, there are other substances that are just as harmful or more harmful than marijuana that are legal. Secondly, cannabis may not be as harmful as many people claim it is. Many people argue that weed should stay illegal because of the harm it does. Lastly, the impact that happening is in Colorado should be used as a tool to see the benefits of legalization. In addition, there are many studies that have shown that Canada would gain a lot of money through tax revenues.
Many people argue that pot is illegal due to the fact that it is harmful. However, there are substances like, alcohol and tobacco, that are just as harmful or more harmful than marijuana that are legal. In fact, Joseph Brownstein wrote an article claiming that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that eighty eight thousand people die a year due to consumption of alcohol. He adds on that a person can die from binge drinking due to the fact that it takes a long time to metabolize. Which leads to body organs, like the lungs and heart, to stop operating. In addition, he points out that “[d]rinking can lead to alcoholic liver disease [that can] progress to fibrosis of the liver, which in turn can potentially lead to liver cancer." Brownstein later goes on to state that while that a person cannot die from an overdose due t...

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... more harmful than marijuana. Many studies have shown that that both tobacco, and alcohol cause more harm to a person 's health compared to cannabis. If those people that claim that pot is harmful, shouldn’t they also ask for a ban of alcohol and tobacco? The second reason is that weed is not as harmful as people think. Most studies and articles concluded that it does not cause cancer, but it can affect the cardiovascular system. However, as stated before more studies should be conducted. Lastly, it should be made legal due to the fact that so far Colorado is having positive affects because of legalization. In Colorado is seeing a correlation between legalization and the reduction of crime rates. In addition, they are also benefiting for the taxes of marijuana sales. Furthermore, various studies have shown that Canada could make a lot money for taxing marijuana.

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