Essay on Should Bullying Be Charged With Manslaughter?

Essay on Should Bullying Be Charged With Manslaughter?

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Bullying has become a major deal worldwide, with numerous cases of bullying leading to suicide. It is a tragic event when someone takes their own life from the torment of a bully, but a bully should not be charged with manslaughter, because it is not the bullies’ fault that the individual decided to commit suicide. However the bully should be charged with harassment and have to spend a jail sentence, also including a bullying fine. The concern is if bullies should be charged with manslaughter, but there are multiple cases of bullies happening every day. Bullying in current society can be anything, kids now a days cannot do anything without it being considered bullying, because it hurts another person feeling or they have an over protective parent.
Manslaughter is defined as “the crime of killing a human being without malice aforethought or otherwise in circumstances not amounting to murder” (Webster Dictionary 87). Although the definition fits the word, the bully is not focusing the person to commit suicide. They may drive them towards that path of suicide, but it is ultimately the victim choose of how they want to handle the situation. The Justice System cannot charge everyone that bullies someone with manslaughter, because people bully each other contently. According to Eli Federman, “America already has the highest incarceration rate in the world, consuming $60.3 billion in budget expenditures. If bullies were to be charged with manslaughter our prisons would be housing many more than the current 2.3 million and students would be leaving with criminal records, not degrees. An estimated 80% of high school students encountered online bullying and an astonishing 35% of teens have been reportedly threatened online” (3). Manslaught...

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...s, 9 percent are pushed, shoved, or spit on, 6 percent get cyberbullied, 6 percent are threaten with harm, 5 percent excluded from activities on purpose, 4 percent force into thing they do not want to do, and 3 percent get their property destroyed on purpose” (1).
When this type of bullying occurs students tend to grow up more antisocial and have less self-esteem than other. Bullying does not only come from children it can be a teacher too. “Teachers abuse their power with vocal abuse which has a bigger impact, because professional educators should know better” (Hidden Bullying 1).
Bullying is a major issue across the world, but bullies should not be charged with manslaughter. Manslaughter should only be used in serious case not, because someone is making fun of another person. Bullying needs to stop just not at the price of charging an individual with manslaughter.

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