Should Bullying Be A Safe Place For Kids? Essay

Should Bullying Be A Safe Place For Kids? Essay

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Everybody goes to school for an education. Of course, one would like to assume that the schools are a safe place for kids. However, bullying remains a significant issue in schools that affects a large quantity of students. Bullying can take a serious toll on the victim’s physical and mental health. Yet, a significant amount of students continue to be bullied in school, even after seeking help from a teacher. A number of teachers are unsure of how to resolve issues cause by bullying. Some teachers propose different methods on a “trial and error” basis, while others punish the student responsible for the bullying. Researchers across America have studied bullying in schools extensively to find statistics about bullying and its victims, as well as attempting to find a remedy for this issue. They need to determine whether the issue of bullying is improving, if bullying is linked to future violence, whether the victims of bullying are more likely to abuse substances, how teachers deal with bullying, what characteristics go into a good bullying prevention program, .and how implementing certain bullying prevention programs affects a school over time.
First, one should try to determine whether the issue of bullying is improving. Bullying, by Perius’s and Russel’s definition, is “…a student is being bullied when another student, or group of students, say or do nasty and unpleasant things to him or her. It is also bullying when a student is teased repeatedly in a way he or she does not like…”. (2014, p. 2) Using this definition, Perius and Russel did a study on trends in bullying from 1998 to 2010 of students in grades 6-10. Yet, they did not just study bullying, but also weapon carrying and physical fighting. Also, these resear...

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...scussed and analyzed. There are two ways that a school can battle bullying; there is the preventive approach, and the reactive approach. The preventive approach is one that tries to prevent bullying from happening in the school, and the reactive approach is how the school’s staff and teachers react to bullying cases. Preventing bullying before it starts is obviously preferred, but it is not always possible. A good reactive approach is essential for a teacher becoming adept at dealing with bullying. Students go to teachers when in need of help, and a teacher should be able to have a good reactive approach prepared for when this situation arises. Rigby studied the five most common strategies teachers use when dealing with bullying cases: 1. Direct Sanctions, 2. Restorative Practice, 3. Mediation, 4. The Support Group Method, and 5. The Method of Shared Concern.

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