Should Bullies Be Charged With Murder? Essay examples

Should Bullies Be Charged With Murder? Essay examples

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Should Bullies be Charged with Murder?
It is often said that no one should take their own life. While they rarely admit as much, that suicide is no big deal, many take for granted that an innocent person took their own life because someone thought they were superior to them. My whole life I’ve been hearing cases about bullies taking their victims to an extreme level, causing them to take their own lives. I firmly believe the bullies of victims that commit suicide should be charged with murder and manslaughter.
Bullying is the act of aggression, or intimidation to harm another person, whether it is on the internet, physically, or verbally. Most kids or adults end up being the bullies because they were victims of bullying. Some do it because they want to feel as if they have power, and some do it to draw attention. Bullying can be name calling, neglecting others from being in social group, hitting, shoving, and pushing. Bullying can happen at any age, from adulthood down to preschool. Usually kids that are bullied are kids that seem unable to defend themselves. Other characteristics can be their weight for example, if they are overweight or underweight. Children and adults who get bullied have a higher chance of going through depression, or have a lower self-esteem. Children who get bullied also tend to have more trouble in school academic wise therefore, they have a hard time focusing in school.
There are a variety of ways to tell when children or adults are also likely to bully others. Both groups may like to be in charge of others, or in other words be dominate. Another way is by their friends, if they bully others then they will most likely bully others as well. Also if they have a low self-esteem and feel dominate towards ...

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...hat it was wrong. Instead of graduating middle school that week, he will be in jail paying for his crime.
Bullying has become is huge issue throughout the years, and should be dealt with. Some people ignore it, others try to make a difference by spreading the word. Others say it’s no big deal, but when it’ someone’s life on the line, it’s the biggest deal ever. Bullying is always going to be around, but we too should stand up. If it was the other way around I’m sure we would want justice for those who hurt our children or family members. Bullies need to face consequences, and know that what they did is wrong. No one should feel that taking their life would be the best option. After going through all this research, I still believe the bullies should be charged with murder. At the end, pulling someone down, is never going to help us pull ourselves to the top.

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