Should Boxing Be Banned? Essay

Should Boxing Be Banned? Essay

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Sanctioned form of violence are usually used for entertainment or pleasure however it can cause harmful consequences to people who are involved. Sanctioned means something that is allowed to do in a society without suffering the consequences with the law. There are several people who enjoy hardcore activities such as being involved in sports that require training and conditioning before each competition or match. One sport that is sanctioned is boxing that although it is a sport for self defence and fitness I believe that it is too violent based on its form of how it can severely injure the athletes, affect the lives of others who watch it by abusive language, and encourage people to become violent. Boxing is a sport in which two people wearing protective gloves throw punches at each other for a set of time in a boxing ring. People who practice boxing such as going to classes or taking lessons are usually for self defense or getting into shape purposes rather than harm however I believe that boxing can cause more harm due to the brutal punches and kicks these athletes go through. I like the idea that boxing encourages people to be fit and self defend themselves but a sport that can lead to injuries shouldn’t be allowed.
Boxing can cause severe injuries and maybe even death to the people either professional athletes or amateurs. It is shocking how people find this sport entertaining and participate in this sport either for fitness or self defense. It is not uncommon to see blood on the fighting stage when watching this sport go on and the keeps going on hitting each other. In an article, The Killer Instinct, states that “I still love the sport of boxing and the one-on-one competition, and I teach people how to box to stay fit. B...

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...ort was renewed by colorful fighters...Mike Tyson---sparked that interest into the ‘80s” (Allen) demonstrating on how someone like Mike Tyson could actually be known as the most well known professional boxer.
Although boxing is used as self defense and being in shape it is harmful because it can severely injure the athletes, affect the lives of others who watch it by abusive language, and encourage people to become violent. This well known sport that has been around for ages has caused death, conflict with people, and encouragement to become like boxers and becoming more violent. Boxing is a violent sport that creates wrong impression on the mind of children,prodigies and society too. When people watch the sport for their entertainment When a person is hit by his opponent. It demonstrates that they have lack of feelings of kindness, humanity and they are less human.

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