Should Animals Be Used For Scientific Or Commercial Testing? Essay

Should Animals Be Used For Scientific Or Commercial Testing? Essay

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Beginning in ancient times, animals were experimented on out of pure curiosity, and people did not understand how different systems really worked. Today, we have an undeniable understanding of the body’s functions and metabolism, proving that this practice is becoming increasingly unreliable, expensive, and above all: cruel. For centuries, innocent animals such as rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, cats, dogs, and primates have been used for man’s own selfish wants. In modernity, “an estimated 26 million animals are used and slaughtered every year due to animal research.” (“Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Testing?”, 1). For some, animal research is the image of medical breakthroughs. For others, the mere thought brings the image of animals being locked in cages, starved, alone, and in pain. Animals’ rights are commonly ignored, and malpractice is often hidden from the public eye.Widely believed to bring medical gain, animal testing is cruel, inhumane, and costly. This practice is a flawed system that should be bypassed at all conceivable costs.
Testing on animals cannot accurately predict what will work in humans. Medical breakthroughs have, in fact, happened without the use of animal testing. For every 5,000 tests used in labs, only a handful are ever deemed to be safe enough to be used in humans. Of the few that are deemed safe, only one will ever be able to be sold to the masses of people. (Bulluz, 3). In actuality, the majority of animal experiments do not help human health or science.
Prior to popular belief, animals are commonly abused during the research process. They are often physically abused, and subjected to psychological damage. These beings are often forced to eat and even inhale toxin...

... middle of paper ... while holding the same, if not better, results. Animal research costs about $32,000 per test, while In Vitro costs around 11,000. An animal toxicity test on an animal can cost around $11,500, while the non-animal alternative will cost around only $1,300. Cancer research costs around 2 to 4 million dollars per year. Funds, both public and private, are unnecessarily dissipated on animal tests while the money could be better spent on alternatives that provide real results.
In conclusion, animal testing is cruel, unnecessary, invasive, expensive, and time consuming. The fight against animal testing is far from over. Companies like PETA have been fighting for years, and attempting to educate the public. Animal tests lack reliability, and could easily be replaced by more accurate alternatives. The expense, both physical and moral, is far too great for this legal cruelty.

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