Should Animals Be Used For Research? Essay

Should Animals Be Used For Research? Essay

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Animal testing in scientific and commercial research has a long and controversial history. Some industries for example, as cosmetic manufacturers and pharmaceutical research companies treat animals to test their new products. Animals like rabbits, rats, monkeys, and many more are experimented in the research testing. Animals are not only restricted to product testing, but also needed by biology students to study body function, body parts and practice surgeries for learning and research. Animals are now protected by law; known as the Animal welfare act of 1966, this law regulates the treatment and protection of animals. “We have recently received the 2012 statistics for animals used in research under the Animal Welfare Act. Overall the number of animals used in research fell by 16% since 2010, falling over 180,000 from over 1.1 million (2010) to just over 950,000 (2012).” Animal testing has encouraged numerous achievements in solutions and guarantees that items are safe and secure before treating humans. This development has many advantages also but has a negative side. Many people consider these practices on animals as a cruel and indecent achievement. Animals should be used for research because during research procedure animal suffer very minimal pain and suffering. Animals search can be helpful as we are genetically identical and provide us cure from sever diseases (“American and Medical science”).
Science, medicine and animals invariably walk hand in hand. New drugs and medicine cure cancer and diseases that are tested on rats and mice. Because of the common factor genetically identical to humans, mice and other laboratory animals have been active in the development of organ transplants. To...

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...mal’s health is monitored and procedures are followed accordingly. For any type of research scientists only use healthy and well-nourished animals because testing unhealthy animals could lead to erroneous or fatal consequences (“Animal Experimentation”).
People in today’s society want the benefits that are derived and invented from the animal experiments however they also want animals to be treated well and undergo minimal pain and distress. Progression has its own pros and cons. The quality of a healthier life has come from the significance we attribute to both people and creatures of life. It makes no senses to sacrifice future generations’ health and well-being by not using animals for experiments and finding the cure for the diseases. We can achieve this by handling the animals with humanely behavior and treatment with advancing technology and medicine.

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