Should Animals Be Used For Medical Testing? Essay

Should Animals Be Used For Medical Testing? Essay

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Throughout the years the testing of medical research on animals has dramatically increased. Currently more that 26 million animals are uses every year in the United States for medical or scientific research(PROCON). In most cases the animals are used to determine whether or not the products are safe to use or not. Although animals testing has become more prevalent over time it has been around since almost 500 BC. Why did we choose animals to use for this testing? How does one decide which animals is the one to be tested on? Many people are torn apart by the topic of animals being used for medical testing, but there are also people who support the use of animals for medical testing and experiments.
I would first like to start out with my personal belief and what side I stand on in this topic. Personally I believe that using animals for the use of medical experimentation and testing is absurd and in all means completely wrong. I do not believe that animals should be used just to discover is a medication is harmful to the human. Animals have no defense against this, they are captured, or even in some cases breaded specifically for testing. This means that animals whether it be dogs, cats, reptiles, or even monkeys are born into medical testing, giving them no chance to live a normal life in their habitat.
Like every modern day controversy there are two sides to all stories, there are pros and cons of every action, but first let’s start with why those who disagree with animals being used for medical testing. Animals that are in the medical testing field are often times treated inhumanely. Animals used in experiments are commonly subjected to for feeding, forced inhalation, food and water deprivation, prolonged periods of physical ...

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In conclusion the decision is up for debate. There is very scientific and factual information that supports both sides, and deciding upon a side that is absolutely correct is impossible. Personally I still stick with the side of animal research as a bad thing. Even though there have been many medications and treatment process developed from the testing on animals that still isn’t enough to take the life of an innocent mammal. If we as a community, as a world invest more into the technological testing we will not only save the lives of millions of animals from being tested on, but we will also develop treatments and cures more productively. Technology is so advanced in our current century that if we put half the amount of money we spent on animal research into technology research we would have cures and treatments we have been trying to develop for years come up.

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