Essay on Should Animals Be Used For Medical Research?

Essay on Should Animals Be Used For Medical Research?

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For the morally driven question should animals be used in medical research, the answer is yes. It has been proven over the course history that animals prove insight to many of the medical questions we ask today. As science began to development so did the testing of animals and humans for medical research. Animals prove many insights to how to cure many illness. Animals should be used for medical research, because many of the animals are links to answers that could save the whole human race.
For the entire existence of the human race animal testing has always been a part of it. Animal testing began all the back in 1926, with scientist Arthur Guedel. He “successfully demonstrated the safety of a cuffed tracheal tube in 1926 on his dog that he affectionately called (2015) “airway” (Goyal, 2015). As a result of this great discover Andres Vesalius was able to use (2015) “bellows to resuscitate an asphyxiated dog in the 16th century” (Goyal, 2015). Much of our history is shaped by animals testing. In the Journal of Anesthesiology Clinical Pharmacology it states the following quote about Robert Hook and one of his great achievements due to the use of animal testing. Robert Hook also performed the demonstration of artificial respiration in 1678 on a dog that had an open chest, but was kept alive by attaching rhythmically contracting bellows to its trachea. By exposing fresh air with oxygen to the circulating blood, he proved that the chest movements are not the fundamentals of respiration’’ (Goyal, 2015). Many of the earliest sciences greatest works were influenced by the use of animal testing. Just as testing influenced and even shaped many scientist back then the use of animal test is still effecting science today.
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... move away from animal in general. As of 2015 there are over ninety two companies that no longer test on animals. Another advancement in animal rights the many organizations that have brought awareness to the harming of animals. A major company that being in the 1980 and is still tiring in the 2000’s is Peta. Peta is an organization that promotes animal rights and also focuses on animal suffer whether it’s through clothing trade, farming, laborites, or entertain usage. Peta has been able to stay around for many years due to their many attention grabbing campiness. Their most recent I rather go naked than wear fur. This controversial campaign is where celebrities strip down to nothing to prove the point that fur is much worse than being complete naked. Peta controversial campaigns often have a good massage behind it but often only gain attention due to controversy.

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