Should Animals Be A Animal Friendly? Essay

Should Animals Be A Animal Friendly? Essay

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There has always been a cruelty free presence in the product industry, but it appears that there are more companies transitioning from non-cruelty free to cruelty free. The change has taken a few years to finally come into full effect. While there are companies doing the transition to become animal friendly, there are just as many companies that refuse to cooperate and change their production. Not only does the product industry use animals to test human products on but the scientific community does so as well. Animals are used in order to understand the human body but there are so many things that are different about animals that it is futile to use them in order to understand ourselves. This logic, of understanding animals in order to understand human functions is not solid; and comes with many errors. In the cosmetic industry products that are not cruelty free are often tested upon rabbits. There is no need to test on animals in either the laboratory or for products that are to be sold due to the fact that animals are not humans and cannot tell humans what they need to find out about themselves.
Rabbits are not humans, they are mammals and while humans are mammals there are significant differences between humans and rabbits. The exact definition of a rabbit is “a small animal that usually lives in holes in the ground and has long ears, soft fur, and back legs that are longer than its front legs” (Merriam-Webster). Within this definition there are no similarities to humans, unless humans have suddenly become mammals with fur and long ears, there is no reason that any products should be tested on these creatures at all. Rabbits are more sensitive to toxins and other harmful products than humans, so they cannot truly tell if human...

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...t up while they were still alive under no anesthesia. The experimenters wanted to see what was going on inside the body of an animal while it was still alive and breathing. This thought process eventually led to the creation of laws. For example there was a law created in “1978, which proclaims the equality between animals’ rights for existence and the respect humans should show towards them” (6). Humans in the 1978 law need to give animals a right to live, and give them rights just as humans have gotten rights. There have been times in America’s history where humans were treated as animals were treated. In America’s history these people were eventually given rights they fought for the right to vote and they fought for the freedom they deserved. Animals deserve this right but there is one significant difference, they cannot speak for themselves. The rights of animals

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