Essay on Should Animal Testing Be Stopped?

Essay on Should Animal Testing Be Stopped?

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Medicine, household products, cosmetic, and food has been tested and put into shelves to sell for our own kind. Animal testing, a way to enable lifesaving treatments for both humans and animals. They test on animals to see if it will cause harm or not when using. Not all things are tested on animals. Fine print labels that states that they don’t test on animals and the leaping bunny are products that do not use animals for testing. “Should animal testing be stopped?” A question that is still asked today, which has separated people in to groups of what they believe and what it should be done. The point of my paper will be to first explain animal testing, then I will state some of the good things and some of the bad things of animal testing.
First of all, Animal testing is known as animal used for experiments, research, and/or vivo testing. They are used in the medical industry to test chemicals, ingredients, prototypes, or formulas on animals to see if it 's damaging to their flesh. About 50 to 100 million animals are used for animal testing around the world every year. Those animals are either born into testing, obtain in the wild, bought from breeders, or brought from the pound. Places that provide animal testing can be found in some universities, medical schools, farms, big companies, and many more locations. Some medicines are tested on animals. In the process of testing the medicine on them, they must first select a sick animal or make it sick to begin the process of figuring out whether the medicine works or not. When Toxicity testing, it tends to test on a degree of how much it can harm a living thing or a non-living thing. They use animals to mimic the effect on humans when exposed to such chemicals.
Animals are used to fi...

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...rison to animals.
Millions of animals are used for animal testing around the world every year. They are used in the medical industry that uses animals to test chemicals, ingredients, prototypes, or formulas on animals. A test to help find cures for both animals and humans. Many drugs have been created thanks to animal testing. Some scientists and animal rights organizations argue that animal testing is unethical, inhumane treatment to animals. In the process of of testing the medicine on them, they must first select the sick animal or make them sick to begin the process
of figuring out whether the medicine works or not. There have been many vaccines used to cure and prevent animals from getting sick. During cosmetic testing, the animals are restrained and also put in dangerous test. Will technology grow and put an end to animal testing or will it continue to grow?

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