Should America Be Competitive? Essay

Should America Be Competitive? Essay

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”Get in the Competition!"
What is the beloved country we live in, the land of the free and home of the brave? What is the country that will crush any obstacle in its way? That, of course, is the United States of America! Many people agree that America is very competitive, but is it a bad thing for us? Actually, being competitive can a wonderful thing since we love to compete which gets us farther in life as well as making us satisfied, bringing America in the "top 20" in the world for education, and it benefits America 's industries. It 's great for America to be competitive!
Americans love to compete like a pack of hyenas, which helps them achieve great things and get them far in life. They feel proud and satisfied for their work. For example, we have won many Olympic gold medals by competing hard with a ton of determination and practice. For example, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, are two famous Olympic ice skaters, won a gold medal for figure skating in the ice dancing event in the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. They must have felt satisfied and proud of their hard work. Maybe more Americans will win gold medals in the future! We have also established top universities in our country, like Harvard, for example. Harvard has competed with many other universities to be the best, and they achieved their goal. Just by competing with others, Harvard 's students have also received top test scores; now it is difficult for another country 's university to get ahead of Harvard University. In addition to that, America is the financial center of the world. America has competed with many other countries, and we finally made our economy the best, as well as the largest. It must have taken America a long time to shape a successful eco...

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