Should Advertisements Promoting the Utilization of Drugs Be Banned? Essays

Should Advertisements Promoting the Utilization of Drugs Be Banned? Essays

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Certain advertisements should be banned. The removal of advertisements promoting the utilization of drugs, and alcohol is necessary. These advertisements are indirectly targeted toward the younger audience, influencing them to use drugs, or alcohol. These persuasive advertisements influence the wrong choices. Advertisements promoting the use of drugs, and alcohol can be removed by banning the advertisements, enlarging the warning signs, and allowing society control of what advertisements are shown.
Some people argue alcohol, and drug advertising does not affect the younger audiences. These advertisements remain legal now, but it is necessary to prohibit them to protect younger audiences from exposure to such inappropriate material. Children aged between six and seventeen years of age were asked their opinion about alcohol and cigarette advertisements. About eighty percent of children of the primary school age agreed with the immediate removal of alcohol and drug related advertisements. Around sixty eight percent among the twelve to thirteen year olds also favored a ban on the advertisements. Lastly surveyed were the sixteen and seventeen year olds. About forty four percent among the sixteen to seventeen year olds agreed with a necessary ban on cigarette advertisements. These percentages show that the advertisements stimulating the utilization of drugs and alcohol affect the younger audiences. While the secondary school children favored a ban on these advertisements; they began to mention the health risks, and the “persuasive function of advertising.” (Aitken, P.P et al. 204-207) Statistics show that more and more tobacco and alcohol products are beginning to be more common on the college campuses nationwide. “National surveys in...

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