Should Abortion Be Mandatory For A Period Of Time After Pronounced Brain Death?

Should Abortion Be Mandatory For A Period Of Time After Pronounced Brain Death?

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This paper will be discussing the controversial topic of life support. Should they allow life support period, or, should it be mandatory for a period of time after pronounced brain death? Or should the person in question be made the sole decision maker in the event of their untimely death and if no prior decision is made they let the person die?
On one side, miracles do happen, but on the other at what cost? Well, one woman named Danielle didn 't care what the price was as long as she had a second chance at a life with her husband. Matt, her husband had been in a bad motorcycle accident and went into a coma just seven months after getting married, but even when the doctors gave her the recommendation to take him off life support she stood fast and right there by Matt 's side. The doctors finally released Matt to go home and be cared for by his wife and his mother. One day, when Danielle was trying to get him to work his hand, he woke to say I 'm trying. Since, he has been in rehab and today he is able to drive a manual car, but he woke up not remembering the previous three years. As of now, they have lost insurance and the debt has been piling up from the rehab bills. Now, there 's two sides to this, one would say,”Wow, it is a miracle he woke up,” but the other side says,”He woke up not remembering his wife and will now be in debt for the rest of his life.” My question: How much is the human life really worth?
In regard to the human life, how much is it really worth? Well, to answer this question let 's look at some figures and current events. First off, today we have an organ trade deeply rooted in India and China; the donors get paid roughly between one to ten thousand dollars per kidney. A lot of people would argue that that...

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...e food every month to keep the person alive and yes, doctors need money too but at this price they are literally killing people. The right to live should not be based off of what is in your bank account or the color of your skin, it is an opportunity everyone should have.
In summary, there is so much to talk about and so many sides to this topic, more than one person can cover by themselves. We talked about the topic from a religious aspect and many more I even shared my own point of view which is just that the system in itself is flawed and it needs reform, but don’t go off my opinion, I’m just some high school kid from Texas go and ask around, do your own research and ask yourself what would you want if you were in that situation and put yourself in both roles, but as you can see it’s a very controversial topic with a lot of subject matter, I hope it was helpful.

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