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Form Description
One of the main contrasts of form in this piece is the shot type. Shot types are important to the composition of the video because they give the work a sense of variety. This piece uses extreme close up, wide shot, medium shot, two shot, as well as multiple camera angles. Extreme close ups are used in this piece to focus on an important aspect of the video. Close up shots fill the entire composition in order to focus on one main scene intensely. A wide shot is used when the piece is either transitioning into a new scene, or foreshadowing what is to come in an upcoming scene. Medium shots are closer than a wide shot, and is used to help the viewer become part of the action. An example of a two shot would be used when the shot has two people side by side or if the scene has dialogue. Finally, different camera angles are used at high, low and eye level depending on the scene.
Another main contrast of form is lighting. Three light sources were used in this piece, each with varying levels of brightness. The lights illuminate the set around the scene. In some scenes the lighting is dulled down, other times the light is closer to the camera which makes the scene brighter. Lighting is also used to put emphasis on depth and also to enhance focal points. Lighting not only helps to make important parts of the piece stand out it also enhances the composition.
In addition to camera angles and light, another prominent visual characteristic of this piece is the focus of lens. Some shots in the piece are intentionally focused and other parts are intentionally blurred, broken and are not focused. When the video goes from focused to blur it depicts a scene of sleeping and/or sickness. The use of focus of ...

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... vibrant color, then it would create a higher contrast. Overall, making the images stand out from the font. On the contrary, the font size in the video was very different, and in order to catch the viewers eye there needed to be more consistency with font and color. When the viewer cannot read the information, it is useless and becomes a negative ascent to the entire project. To modify these scenes I could work more on verbal communication. There are no words being spoken to help drive home meaning. The viewer has to interpret from actions alone. The last change I would make is to not over complicate the video. The video has to many angles that become unimportant and confusing. For the next project I will simplify camera angles and lighting. I need to take a step back from this project, learn from it, and make stronger work that has more positives than negatives.

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