Shot Put as an Interesting Sport Essay

Shot Put as an Interesting Sport Essay

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Shot Put as an Interesting Sport

Throwing events in track and field have become very popular with high school and middle school students over the past few years. Shot put is the most recognized throwing event of them all. In the event the participant attempts to throw a metal ball as far as they can. Competitors take their put from inside a seven foot circle into a field marked with boundaries referred to as sectors. Many athletes who are interested in throwing, might enjoy the chance to throw, but do not know where to start.
There are two technical views to throwing the shot put: the spin and the glide. Both of these techniques have the participant use the ring to gain momentum and then put the ball into the field. The common factor between these two forms is that they both end up in a position referred to as the standing position or the power position. Learning this position is the perfect place for a beginner to start. The following steps describe how to execute a standing position to a right handed thrower. The same steps will apply to left handed throwers, but the relative directions will be reversed.
To begin the throw, athletes must learn proper placement of the shot put in the hand. To start, hold the right hand out as if you were giving someone a high five. Keep the fingertips toward the sky and the hand flat. Place the shot on the bridge of the hand. The implement should sit on the knuckles that separate the finger and the palm. For the best support of the ball, keep the fingers as close as possible with the thumb toward the back of the ball. A strong wrist is also vital with this position. “The most common injuries in shot putting occur to the wrist or fingers as a result of holding the shot wrongly” (Tancred, C...

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...time and dedication. New comers should not get frustrated if things are not turning out well in the first few days. Shot put technique is an unnatural feeling which our bodies need time to get used to. Adapting a well planed lifting regime will also help out in the long run. Exercises that work on explosiveness and quick twitch muscles are best.
Shot put is a great sport that many can enjoy. Whether you are throwing as recreation or as a serious, professional athlete, throwing the shot put can be pleasurable and entertaining. This sport, as well as many others, can teach you hard work, perseverance, dedication. So if you are looking for something new and different, try it out! You never know what your next hidden talent could be.

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