The Shortage Of Workers Within The Healthcare Industry Essay

The Shortage Of Workers Within The Healthcare Industry Essay

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Because of the importance the health care industry plays there should be concern with its imminent decline in eligible workers and rise in the necessity for them. With the retirement of one large generation and the entrance of a considerably smaller one, the ability to recruit and retain competent health care professionals will prove challenging. Action must be taken to attract and retain qualified eligible professionals or it will be unable to provide quality care to patients. This paper will discuss the shortage of workers within the healthcare industry and it will also discuss the different ways human resource managers can combat this shortage.
The nursing shortage is front and center but more professions within the health care industry will feel the squeeze come the years 2025 and 2030 (Jarousse, 2011, pg 5). Administering changes to training, offering attractive benefits as well as traditional recruitment and retention methods will be advantageous in securing and retaining adequate and competent staff.
“The best recruitment strategy is a good retention program–actively looking for ways to keep current employees” (Health Professions Recruitment and Retention, 2013). What is proving costly is the turnover rates the health care industry is experiencing. Different options must be explored in order to appeal to the industry’s current employees.

Decline and Demand
In addition to the fast growing technology industry and the inevitable Baby Boomer retirement the healthcare industry is bound to feel the results with its loss in human capital. “Experts predict a shortage of about 260,000 registered nurses and 150,000 physicians by 2025 and 38,000 pharmacists by 2030.” (Jarousse, 2011, pg 5) These new communication ...

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...ize a future.
The healthcare industry must give way to the changing times and current trends to attract and retain competent healthcare professionals to ensure quality patient care. The decline is present and the demand is ever mounting. Initiative must be taken within the healthcare industry’s human resource management teams to adequately and competently staff organizations.
Retaining employees becomes less complicated if organizations have interest in development. Moreover, healthcare professionals need goals, competitive benefits, and a clear career path with the encouragement of development. Open lines of communication between employer-employee will be a beneficial relationship for both parties.
If the healthcare industry takes the time to invest in its workers it should see a return on its investment with committed and competent professionals.

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