The Shortage Of Water Is A Global Issue Essay

The Shortage Of Water Is A Global Issue Essay

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The shortage of water is a global issue that effects not millions, but billons of people worldwide, it was recently discovered that the perceived water scarcity was wrong instead of affecting 1.7 to 3.1 billon people are short of water for a month out a year is actually 4 billon people. And why is that? Many reasons.
To begin fresh water that we drink, bathe in, irrigate our fields for agriculture is only 3% of the worlds water; the rest as you know is made up of salt water, our oceans. Two- thirds of that fresh water comes from glaciers the rest is unusable and unreachable. We lose out on water from waste, pollution, and republicans hated two words, climate change. 1.1 billion people lack water and from that become ill and die and 2.7 billion people have having hard times just locating drinkable water once a month. Again why. Well for one most of the worlds wetland have disappeared. It has become such an issue with population growth, improved living standards, changing consumption patterns, and the over expansion of irrigation for agriculture. Now you may think why living standards, why is that causing an issues? Here’s why before the writers of the 18th century deemed that bathing regularly may lead to healthier life people didn’t scrub themselves like we do now. Oh they bathed maybe twice a week and that was the upper middle to wealthy classes. If you were poor, you walked grimy for a bit before you could go to the nearest water way and take a dip. Also using the bathroom, before plumbing there was a pot that sat under your bed were a person would urinate and defecate in. Only the really wealthy had plumbing to take your bodily waste to the nearest water way. At best well water was used and that was poured into a bowl so you c...

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...tablished to protect wetlands around the world 2,000 designated. It works like this, the country of said wetland is responsible for those wetlands from development, pollution, and drainage. Paying attention to climate change will help a great deal by working to promote climate change adaptation on an international level, supporting the preservation and restoration of wetlands. By conducting assessments of river basins’ vulnerabilities to climate change and to integrate climate change considerations into river basins’ management. With machines like the Rainmaker H20 which is a machine that works at the molecular level to change water, Solar powered water purifiers, Leak Monitors for pipes and pipelines, and Cullector Ultra Efficient Shower; which is an ecofriendly shower system for those of us that like me waste water waiting for it to get to the right temperature.

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