Short Story : ' You Mean We 're Not Done `` Essay examples

Short Story : ' You Mean We 're Not Done `` Essay examples

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Max asked, “You mean we’re not done?” He had hoped that Alex’s accident would end the whole thing.

Shelly replied, “The interview’s not quite over. I still have a couple questions.”

Mindy told them, “You’re going to have to get those off though, boys. You first, Ron.”

“Oh man.” Ron grumbled and his shoulders slumped.

“Hold on,” Shelly interrupted. “Turn around first. I want to see if you still have my name there.” Ron gave her a fierce look, but he had to do it. There he was, with his bare ass framed by his jock and right there was Shelly’s name written in permanent marker.

“What’s that?” Nina inquired.

“He was one of the boys I interviewed before the last game and we autograph them when we do that.” The girls all burst out laughing. From both anger and embarrassment, Ron flew red, turned back around, and dropped his underwear fast. His anger almost overwhelmed his embarrassment. He stood up proud and bare while all the women oohed and aahed. With his belligerent face and posture, he was almost melodramatic. If it had been just Shelly and Mindy, he could have kept that up, naked but defiant. Unfortunately for him, the gaggle of girls there { suddenly burst out into smiles, sighs, and giggles all at once.

“Fabulous!” “We can see everything! Again!”

Suddenly, Ron felt pure humiliation and went from a heroic stance to a silly crouch in an instant with his arms thrown down over his goods. Mindy corrected him, the way she loved to do. “Ah, ah, ah, Ron. Show the girls some respect. They came down here to see you naked, and they’re going to get to.”

Looking pathetic as he gave up his modesty, Ron complained, “Can we get this over with?”

“Not yet,” Mindy said. “We need to see Max’s dick as well.”

All eyes were on him, as Max wo...

... middle of paper ... want his shirt or his pants?” Shelly asked.

He couldn’t help it and started to beg for mercy. “Please don’t do this! I can’t take it! Please?”

Mindy said, “I want his shirt.”

“Go for it,” Shelly said.

Max kept pleading for her to stop, but of course, Mindy moved on to the fun. Max hated the sound of her heavy breathing and her high-pitched little pleasure sounds as she unfastened each button, one by one. As she slid his shirt down his arms, she muttered, “Oh yes, I like this.” Tossing his shirt aside, she moved away, allowing the others to enjoy the sight.

“Studly, isn’t he?” Her hand wandered over his upper body a few moments.

“Don’t do that!” Max pleaded. He even had the gall to move away from her, but that only put him right beside Shelly.

“Hold on there, Max. You’re still half-dressed. We can’t have that.”

“Oh, come on! Miss Devasquez, make her stop!”

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