Short Story: The Sun, Colors and Light Essay

Short Story: The Sun, Colors and Light Essay

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When the stars peek through the sky, it reminds me of us.

When you came outside one day. And your eyes were at their fullest.
And soon after they left. The light was soon gone as fast as it came.
But then it came back. I didn't know if I could handle it. You leaving
The coming back to me when you knew I really needed you.
You just can’t leave like that and leave me in shreds.
You can’t But you do.

Because when you leave my mind leaves and when you enter the world’s sky, my mind is free.

You know I’m talking about the sun,right? Did you actually think that I was talking about a real breathing sack of flesh and blood? Of Course not.Why would you think that if I have no friends and hardly any family? I have no clue.Well that’s besides the point.

Not like I actually need real people.I have air,water,food,and mother nature, of course. What is considered vital to human living is insane. Just think about it.Be cause honestly,I don’t need those things to live in a at least decent manner without acting like a complete wild animal. Father told me to fetch some things for the day but of course I didn’t listen. So I’m heading down to Creek.The Creek is basically an Eden. But the creek isn’t a creek. Hilarious, right? Now imagine every terrible thing or event in the world. Like poaching Giraffes or murder. And fortunately the Creek has none of these. It has what every tourist wants in Minnesota. Green, green, green, and guess what, more green. It’s almost scary to imagine that poison ivy could be anywhere and you wouldn’t be able to tell until too late. It’s always kinda cold but that’s besides the point. The creek was glowing like an enchanted dream. I crossed over a huge pit of moss and let my book bag fall to...

... middle of paper ...

... idea of the sky. The sky is always going to be the same, one way or another and the sunflowers are always going to grow a little higher in another society. How nice, right? My brown hair flopped a little as I laided back and watch the sky change a thousand colors. My bookbag eventually told me to go home and reassure my parents that I wasn’t kidnapped and brutally murdered within the last hour. “Goodbye,Priscilla” Yeah, I named the sun Priscilla. Deal with it. But as I collected my things and my back got darker, my mind kinda let loose. I thought about Food, Books, pugs, war elephants,Clouds, Dragon flies, Cleopatra and her leadership, and I wonder what this has to do with happiness as I left the Creek and let my mind close.I also let a whole other open. The moon,Salomon, and Sophia,the Stars, say Kalespera. And my name is Clay, and yes, I am male.

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