Essay about Short Story : ' The Phone Rang '

Essay about Short Story : ' The Phone Rang '

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The phone rang while Louise was reading the society section of the morning paper, “May I help you?” She asked as she answered the phone.
“Louise, this is Tina.”
“I’m glad you called I planned to call about lunch. How about meeting me at Ming’s at 11:30?” Louise asked.
“Something happened and I need to talk with you,” Tina said. Sensing anger in Tina’s voice, Louise promised to meet her and told Fanny, she would be back later.
When Louise pulled into the restaurant’s parking lot and parked near an oak tree, she sat in the car a few minutes wondering what was wrong with Tina. Finally, she locked her car, went to the restaurant, sat down and ordered a glass of wine while waiting for Tina.
As Louise sat in a booth drinking her third glass of wine Tina entered the restaurant. Louise knew by the expression on her face she was angry. Tina failed to speak when she walked up, slammed her fist on the table and screamed, “You and I need to talk!”
“Now just a minute, we’ll talk, but first, I want you to calm down and stop screaming. Now you are going to sit right down there and explain yourself,” Louise said and pointed toward at the seat. Her friend’s conduct shocked her. “I want you to pretend you’re a lady.”
“Our friendship means absolutely nothing to you,” Tina shouted as she placed placing her hands on and remained standing.
“Okay, that’s fine, but you will lower your voice,” Louise said sipping her wine.
“You talked me into selling my kennel along with the property and buying that little grocery store. After the first week, I did not have three customers a week who stopped to buy a bottle of water. Well, can you guess what happened? The other night it burned down. I don’t know what I’m going to do.” She continued to sob. “...

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...icer said and stood to his feet ready to leave.
As Louise cried and begged him not to let the officer take her to jail. Mike went to Fanny’s room to tell her, they were going downtown. “Come on, Honey, let’s go,” Mike said and placed his arm around Louise as they left. “I will take care of everything. You go with him, and I will follow,” Mike said after the officer refused to allow her to go in Mike’s car.
After they had posted bail and left the city jail. While driving home Mike was furious, “I can’t keep using my influence to get your ass out of jail. What is your problem? Why didn’t you tell me about hitting those cars? They said you were drinking. Honey, you might kill someone while you are driving drunk?”
“But I didn’t!” Louise remarked sarcastically.
“Who knows what will happen next week?” Mike asked and knew that he would be going back to court with her again.

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