Essay on Short Story : ' The Little Things Can Change Everything

Essay on Short Story : ' The Little Things Can Change Everything

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Sitting at his desk, in his well-worn, clay covered shoes, faded jeans, red flannel shirt and t-shirt, is Mr. Lou Fererri. He looks as if he fits perfectly in the clay dust covered classroom, art covering the walls and ceiling, natural lighting spilling through the large windows that line floor to ceiling, along a whole wall of the room. There he sits at his desk, spending most of his days there at his job as an art teacher, a job he never expected to have, nor expected that he would even want. “It’s amazing how you never know” he said, “how the little things can change everything.”
Looking back at his elementary school days, he remembers a specific, “single most defining point” in his life, “every year, my school would hold a writing contest” he stated. In his fifth grade year, the contest was to finish a nursery rhyme, one that most were familiar with. “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down, and broke his crown, and Jill __________.” Then the students were to fill in the blank. Lou, along with most of the kids in his class, thought that it was a very easy task. Everyone obviously had to know that the answer would be “came tumbling after.” So he, along with the majority, scrawled it out on the papers that they were given and turned them in, but, one kid, whose seat was right behind Lou, kept writing, and writing and writing. Class wasn’t allowed to continue until everyone was done writing their answer, and Lou “knew” the answer, and thought of this kid as idiotic, because he was writing a whole page for an answer that was just a simple phrase. It eventually came time for the winner to be announced. The principle stood before the school in an assembly, and read the winning contestant’s answer to...

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... the crowded streets that go on forever and just the craziness of it all, he stated that “being lost was incredible” and that he “felt like Alice in Wonderland.” He looks forward to similar chances and adventures during his experience in China.
All throughout his life, Lou had ideas on how he thought things were meant to be; ideas on who he thought he was supposed to be, and what he was not supposed to be. He tried new things, though, for the sole purpose that they were new, and even though he might not have considered much of many doorways and passages in his life, he never shut the doors completely. Through that, he came to many realizations about himself, that without the help of his curiosity and attempt on taking chances because of the little things, like a bit of a conversation overheard from another room, may have never happened. “It’s funny how you change.”

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