Short Story : ' My Eyes A Lake ' Essay

Short Story : ' My Eyes A Lake ' Essay

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Growing up I have gained many exceptional characteristics that were acquired from my Aunt Lynn. The name Lynn means pool or lake. In my eyes a lake is pure, something that my Aunt most certainly represented. She had a single- minded devotion to Jesus and others. Through her advice and character, Aunt Lynn has left me full of life, integrity, and passion.
Every Thanksgiving my mom’s side of the family goes to my grandma and grandpa’s house to chow down on tender turkey, scrumptious stuffing, and palatable pumpkin pie. Although to my surprise, the fall of 2011 was different. Once I arrived at grandma’s house I opened the door and walked into the living room, the sweet, savory smell of turkey lingered in the air; as I gave hugs to my grandparents, I kept in the back of my mind the things that I was thankful for. My grandparents then asked if we were ready to view the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. As I sat there observing, someone covered my eyes from behind. Startled, I quickly turned around to see Aunt Lynn standing before me; excitement was an understatement.
Following the parade, we all sat down and ate dinner, which left us feeling miserable and as if we had all just gained 500 plus pounds. We visited with Aunt Lynn for a while, then she told my sister and I that she had something special to give to us. Sitting their, anxious to open our special gift, I remembered how wonderful my Aunt really was. Someone I was super thankful for. After digging through her purse, which seemed like hours, she found our gifts and placed them into our hands. I opened my eyes to find one of the most beautiful yet meaningful necklaces that I have ever laid eyes on. A silver dog tag with a girl in a pink dress and my name at the bottom, dangled fr...

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...ive. As a kid I can remember her telling stories that sounded as if they had lept off a page of a Disney book. Lynn was humorous and knew how to get negative tension out of a room. Her smile could have lit up New York City after dark. Not only was she full of life, but she was honest and held high standards for herself. Her passion for reading, life, and others is something that I hope to obtain in the future.
As the saying goes “ all good things must come to an end”, I bear the heart wrenching news that Lynn passed the following year, after a long and hard fought battle with pancreatic cancer. She was courageous and fought until the very end. When I wear my necklace, I wear it with great pride and joy, knowing that I have a guardian angel to look after me. Who knew that something so small yet so simple could leave such a profound impression of my courageous aunt.

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