Essay on Short Story : ' My Dad '

Essay on Short Story : ' My Dad '

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It’s like my mom tries to piss me off on purpose whenever she introduces me to someone as Alex. Although it is my given name I have gone by Allie my whole life. In home videos I could hear my dad saying “Allie” not “Alex”. People automatically assume I’m a boy just because of my name, when in reality it is a unisex name and those people shouldn’t assume something about someone.
Bunny… The Dog
We didn’t name her. My mom and I adopted her when she was two years old and she has been a huge part of our lives ever since. She lived in a horrible environment and we saved her. Miss Bun Bun, as we call her, lived in a home with seven kids, a sick mom who worked and homeschooled the kids, a dad who had no job, and even another dog. She was under fed, and her fur was overgrown and matted. We brought her home to have a sleepover and we never took her back. She is my babygirl and I don’t know what’d I do without her fun spirit.
I hurt myself, a lot.
Most people want a reason as to why they are the way they are, but nobody wanted to know as much as I did. Last year we got my answer. I was going through some tough times and I just wanted a reason as to why I am that way. I got a psychological analysis done and it turns out there was a reason. A weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I don’t use it as an excuse for my problems but it helps me understand them so that I can deal with them.
I’ve been through more in my first eighteen years of life than someone who is thirty has; I guess you could say I’m an expert of tough situations.

My grandparents always gave me so much love, when my grandpa passed away it was a hard time in my life. But on that day my grandpa passed my dog was born. To this day I believe tha...

... middle of paper ... mean their.
I have a tattoo. I know some people hate them and think you’re ruining your body, but I believe that your body is what you make it. It’s a blank canvass ready to be painted.
I have hopes and dreams for my future but I’m unsure of how to reach them.
At times I feel vacant inside.
World Traveler
My goal in life is to travel places and experience different cultures. My dad is a pilot so I have already gotten the chance to experience the Dutch culture and the Japanese cultures but I’d love to experience more.
I like warm weather; I can’t stand the cold. My room is always eighty degrees.
Your Love
Your love is the most important thing to me. I know I make your life miserable at times, but somehow you still love me unconditionally. I guess that’s just what a mother does.
I’m a Capricorn, but I’m more like an Aquarius.

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