Essay on Short Story : ' Keep Sucking ! '

Essay on Short Story : ' Keep Sucking ! '

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I start to jack off Todd when Diggie slaps my ass again I moan out. It stings but it also feels so damn good. He separates my cheeks and then dives his tongue into my hole. I let out a loud high moan as he invades my hole with his tongue. He immediately pushes his tongue into my ass making me moan. I try to move my ass away from his tongue but he grabs onto it and doesn’t let me move. He slaps my ass again making me moan and whimper again.
“Keep sucking!” Todd moans and shoves his dick back into my mouth. I take Todd’s dick back into my mouth as Diggie moves his tongue throughout my ass. Todd starts to move his dick deeper into my hole making me moan around Todd’s dick making him moan. As I continue to suck on Todd’s dick I fell Diggie’s tongue leave my hole. When I am about to complain I feel him slam two of his fingers into my ass. It hurts like hell but feels so good at the same time. I start move backwards wanting more than just his fingers in my ass.
“Fuck this I can’t wait!” I hear Diggie say behind me. I feel the head of his cock against my ass as he moves it around I moan. He slowly inserts himself into me making me moan. I stop sucking Todd and focus on what Diggie is doing to me. I moan as he pushes inch by inch of himself into me. Finally, it gets to be way to fucking much. Holy shit how big is his dick it feels a lot longer than Todd’s.
“Diggie wait stop stop” I moan reaching around and putting my hand on his stomach.
“Just a little bit more” He says pushing himself all the way inside of me making me gasp and moan. With Todd he stretches out my ass with Diggie he goes extremely deep. I keep moaning and try to get myself used to having Diggie inside of me. He leans down and starts to kiss my neck and reaches under m...

... middle of paper ...

...s fast as he can making me moan louder.
“Guys I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum!” I cry out and my dick explodes. I yell out as I start to cum. I actually hit Todd’s neck and shoot cum all over his chest and his abs. Diggie pounds me through my orgasm.
“Fucking shit guys I’m coming. Fuck fuck fuck I’m cumming! Fuck!” he yells and I feel him cum deep into me as well. He pounds me through both of orgasms all of us moaning like crazy. Finally, Diggie pulls out of me and collapses next to Todd and is breathing heavily. I fall forward and lay my head on Todd’s heavily cum covered chest as we all catch our breaths.
“That was amazing” Todd says after a while making Diggie and I laugh.
“it was” Diggie says.
“When’s round two” Todd says making me laugh.
“Ya right! I’m going to need a few days to recover.” Making both boys slightly laugh.
“this is only the begging” he says.

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