Short Story : ' Ironsides, And Little House On The Prairie ' Essay

Short Story : ' Ironsides, And Little House On The Prairie ' Essay

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My Grandmom
I was always very close to my maternal grandmother. Gram was the sweetest, most gentle person that I had ever met. My maternal grandfather had rheumatoid arthritis and had very limited mobility. Grandmom would help bathe grandpop and lift him into and out of bed. Grandmom never complained about taking care of him, even though at times he was not very pleasant.
I used to spend a lot of time at my grandparents’ house. Grandmom made dinner and we would serve Grandpop his dinner up in his room. I used to play my accordion for him. No wonder he was not very pleasant! Grandmom always made sure we said grace before eating, she taught me to always be thankful for all that God gave us.
Grandpop slept in the back room in a hospital bed and I used to snuggle with Grandmom in her room. We enjoyed watching shows like Agatha Christy’s Mystery She Wrote, Ironsides, and Little House on the Prairie. A lot of times, my grandmom and I would fall asleep before the end of Mystery She Wrote and the mystery would remain unsolved for us. Every night before going to sleep, my grandmom and I would kneel by the bedside and say our prayers. I would say a simple repetitive prayer such as now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. I would finish in no time and watch as my grandmom knelt with folded hands and continued to pray silently, all the time with her lips moving, like Hannah in the Bible. Since I was just a child, I did not understand what anyone could pray about for such a long time.
Grandmom taught Sunday School for many years. Grandmom and I used to go to church on the “el”, the Market-Frankford line. It makes me laugh to think how much I used to enjoy riding that train. When the church congregation moved to Mayfair, I ...

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...ents were probably scared to death when I came at them with my shaky hands, but eventually, with God’s help, I overcame my condition. I know that nursing is a powerful profession, but I believe, for me, it is a calling. It is a wonderful blessing to be able to care for others, especially at a time in their lives when they have received the frightening diagnosis of cancer.
Grandmom’s witness to the grace of God gave me the best gift I could ever receive. It is extremely comforting to be conscious of the fact that God is in control. It is humbling to be able to share that great peace with my patients and hopefully provide them with comfort at a difficult time in their lives. Just like my gram, I am now teaching children about God’s love. I hope that I can make as much an impact on their lives as my grandmom did in my life and the lives of the many children she taught.

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