Essay on Short Story: Gretel

Essay on Short Story: Gretel

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Gretel studied her maps, the pins gleamed in the light filtering in from the window. Humming she looked down at the newspaper, which detailed the army's movements. Smirking she moved one of the pins deeper into enemy territory, they would win, of that she was sure. Germany was superior, none could stand against its wrath! She frowned as she had to replace one of the cheery red pins with a sullen blue, the thrice darned North Americans had captured one of the troops! Her fingers fumbled as she tried to move another pin and it fell to the floor. bendding down she spotted it rolling, it stopped a couple feet away from her dolls. Grabbing it she looked at them, they had fallen into disarray as she had begun to neglect them in favor of her maps. She turned around, tensing as she heard the floorboards creak, she crept closer to partially-open door, looking through the crack she saw... her brother. Bruno, the nine-year old annoyance of her life, ever intent on getting in her way, bothering her, and over-all being a nuiscence; though he wasn't so bad as before they came Auschwitz she mused watching him try to be stealthy as he walked down the stairs. She closed the door as his head dissappeared down the stairs, he was going to get a snack undoubtedly. Gretel turned back to her dolls, picking up one of the ones in the back; well remembered was the day that she had recieved her.
Gretel glared bitterly at Bruno, having yet to forgive him for breaking her favorite doll the day before.
"Gr-Gretel," he said hesitantly,
"What?" she snapped as he approached her. He was looking at her as if half-expecting her to bite his head off;
"I-I got you something... I'm, I'm sorry for breaking your doll yesterday..." He trailed off and brought a not-quite...

... middle of paper ...

...big metal pot infront of her. Mother shook her head (most likely at Bruno's antics) and began looking for Bruno, she was joined by Father half-an-hour into her search. After being joined by Father after about half of an hour they both searched for another hour. Mother came in and collapsed onto a chair, as Father hollored
"Bruno!" one last time.
"I don't get it, where could he be?" Mother asked pinching the bridge of her nose. Formerly pristine she now was slightly messy: the hem of her skirt had an inch of mud and her red-hair was beginning to come out of her net.
"Maybe he's dead," Gretel said. She didn't believed it herself, but one was suppose to answer Mother.
"Gretel! Don't say such things, your brother is not dead!" Mother exclaimed.
"Maybe he ran away like a character from one of those fantasy novels he is so fond of then," She said examining her fingernails.

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