Short Story: Fixing the Future Essay

Short Story: Fixing the Future Essay

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The giant spaceship that GROUP used as headquarters was floating in the middle of nowhere in the least known part of the university, safe from being affected by any missions the agents were ordered to. Mu was sitting in his cabin, which was much too small when you took to consideration his size, but GROUP was very specific not to give people different treatment than their colleagues of the same rank. Of course, since they were allowed to furnish the cabins the way they wanted, Mu had gotten larger furniture than most of the agents had, but they only managed to make the room appear even smaller.

He didn’t really mind the size though; at the moment he was perfectly content sitting on the floor in the middle of the cabin in thought. He was going through their last mission, puzzled as to why the team was ordered on such basic mission. Granted, a team of their rank had ended up blown up while on the same mission, but giving the necessary warning would have made it possible for a less experienced team to finish the mission successfully.

He'd gotten a feeling that the bosses had had a reason to send them and no one else, what else could explain it? He didn’t like it when their directors didn’t tell them the reasons why they did things. In his home planet everyone was clear of things they did and intentionally keeping secrets was considered an unwritten law, when it came to telling outright lies; there was a law against it. They didn’t speak much there, but when they spoke, they made sure to express themselves enough so that others wouldn’t be left with unanswered questions. The way he was treated in this organization was far from that. They were only told what needed to be told for the sake of the current mission, rest was kept hidde...

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...tarted running. It didn’t make people pay them any special attention as it was common that people were ordered on missions suddenly and they had to hurry if they wanted to get any time for preparations before taking off. However, when they got closer to the teleportation exits, they slowed down so people wouldn’t pay notice to them entering the room without any bags.
Only moments later they were standing in the middle of the shelved room inside Smith, and there were no lights except a small electric circle coming from a pocket torch.

“Hello?” A woman greeted them carefully as she lifted the light to their faces, her face twitching as she saw Mu.

“Um, hello. Where’s Gamma?” Beta asked.

“I’ll take you to him.” She started walking and the duo followed her, well aware that the computer of the transport capsule they used had saved the coordinates they travelled to.

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