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Find x! That was what Mr. and Mrs. z told me through their tears and sobbing eyes right before I went to find their missing son x, who had been taken that afternoon out of his bedroom from their mansion of a house. In his place, a ransom note had been left demanding thousand of dollars be returned to them. Mrs z can ask, "When was the last time your son"? "The last time I saw him was when I told him to go clean his room after he was done playing and I went to make him some lunch", she said. Do you know why anybody would kidnap your son?. "No! I don 't know", she said with her eyes filled with tears," please detective S you have to find my son". "I will", I said, trying to comfort her, "I will do everything I can to bring your son back home to you". With that, I left knowing that if I didn 't hurry, they might never see their son again.

Hey there kid, you hungry, I heard a voice say in the darkness? "Please, what do you want? I want my mom and dad", I said, trying to hold back the tears. "Please, LET ME GO"! I screamed at the top of my lungs HELP! HELP! "SHUT UP"! a voice bellowed from across the room," no one is coming to help you so just sit there and be quiet". This man 's voice was much deeper and harsher than the first man. "What do you want with me"? I asked just trying to understand why I was taken. "It 's not you we 're require, it 's what your parents stole from us, we want back", Said the first man. "What do you mean by that", I asked. "Your parents are very bad people", He said," they have been stealing money to satisfy their own greedy ambitions". "That 's a lie!", I screamed, "My parents would never do that!". "It 's true kid", the deep-voiced man said, "Your parents have been up to some very illegal things and didn ...

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...AKE ME". I asked him why he said that, didn 't he want to see his parents and that 's when he showed me the documents. It was hundreds of pages proving that Mr. and Mrs. Z had been engaging in some highly illegal activities. With those documents, it was enough to imprison them for life. I turned to him and I asked, "Are you sure this is what you want to do"? and he turned to me and said,"Yes my parent are very bad people".

With his parents in custody X went to live his aunt J and uncle K on a farm out in the middle of nowhere. Even tho he loved his parents he didn 't visit them because it pained him too much knowing that they had lied to him for so long. All the things they had done to all those innocent people he just couldn 't forgive them for that. He spent the rest of his childhood on the farm with his new family who loved him like a son and he was happy.

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