Short Story : ' Driving Down Gallus St ' Essay

Short Story : ' Driving Down Gallus St ' Essay

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Driving down Gallus St. in Woodbrook, Port of Spain, you’ll see the children running down the street barefoot, dust flying up in the air behind them. The humid island air hitting your face with the slight fragrance of roti being made, sold fresh off the iron skillet. Women walking home from the market, walking down the street with a slight wine in their waist. Men on their way to go lime with their padnas. Elders sitting out front their homes being macocious, waiting to tell the latest bacchanal to their friends on Sunday. This is a typical afternoon in one of the many villages of Trinidad and Tobago. A beautiful island crowded with different ethnicities and cultures. This tale tells one woman 's life growing up as a Trinidadian.
Andrea Taylor was born on January 1st, 1957 as the first church bells rang to welcome the New Year. She was the second child to Jaswick and Joycelyn Taylor. Her name was originally supposed to be Lou-Ann Taylor but her birth records were messed up during the processes. Her family lived in the village of Arouca in the province of St. George. The houses were made from mud bricks and tapia grass, as the village population was lower middle class.
Andrea lived in a three bedroom one level house in the middle of an area where the front was a drug store at the back was a wasteland. To the right was her elementary school and to the left was the police station. Inside her home the living room, dining room, and kitchen were all together. She and her five siblings shared the two bedrooms between themselves as their parents had the master bedroom. Outside was the gallery where the family would sit to look out to the main street.
In the village it was very calm, in these times there were no guns, violence, and war...

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...tivities that she was very fast. So she went and tried out for the local track club. The coaches noticed her and saw her potential and gave her special training. Andrea became so good that she represented Trinidad at the Arima Games in the 4x1 relay. Andrea didn 't know what processes she had to take in order to get into an American University. Her coach, Winston Emmanuel sent her information to Eastern Kentucky University and they reviewed her information. They offered her a full scholarship and of course she took it.
At the age of 22, Andrea was leaving Trinidad for the first time. She was on her way to become something greater than the little “darkie girl” with two big plaits swinging on both sides of her hair. As she looked down on her island as she flew away on the plane, she knew she was not coming back until she became someone who could stand tall and proud.

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