Essay on Short Story : ' Drinking Coffee Elsewhere ' By Zz Packer

Essay on Short Story : ' Drinking Coffee Elsewhere ' By Zz Packer

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Writing my short story "LUCK" has been quite a challenge. At the same time, it was also a pleasure to write a story. I 've been waiting the whole semester for the short story section of English 286. I wanted to learn different storytelling methods and I did. I learned there are various different points of views a story can be told from. I chose first person central "I" Narration for my story, following the story “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere” by ZZ Packer.

Packer in her story “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere”, presented central narration in a very distinct manner. This story is depicted through many actions and dialogues. Packer’s character begins by speaking about herself. Following this, in my story I began with my narrator talking about herself and then the events and characters that happened to her. “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere” 's narrator has a distinct voice that stays consistent with her character throughout the story. This is why during my first draft, my main focus was my narrator 's voice staying consistent with her character. After the first workshop, I realized how bad I failed ...

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