Short Story About a Seance Essay

Short Story About a Seance Essay

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Natalie wakes up to a blaring alarm which alerts that another terrible first day of school has begun. "Nat come down for breakfast. I wouldn't want you late to your first day of high school," her mother Nicole said from the kitchen sipping on an orange bliss smoothie. "Mom I'm up and besides I don't think my first day of freshman year is really as important as your making it sound. I already know how the days events are going I'm the lucky 13th which in our long line of history remember I can tell the future." Nat says with a sort of teasing smile her mother can't see from the kitchen. "Nat you know that's not funny and besides you never know your aunt Jessica could", Nicole says. "Yeah mom I don't think she could because if I saw that four years before I died I was going to completely let myself go and probably gain 300 extra pounds, and surprisingly that's not what I died from I purposefully ran into a moving train. Which in the end didn't kill me due to the extra cushion. I think I would have foretold myself not to get married to that weird butcher,” Natalie says motioning to her...

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