Essay on Short Story About a Hurt Girl

Essay on Short Story About a Hurt Girl

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Lily tried to open her eyes, but she just did not have the strength. Noticing the white blur hanging past her lids she guessed it was at least morning, or the bathroom light was left on. Either way, she blamed it on feeding the slow, but constant pounding in the back of her head. Even as she laid still, it seemed to be gaining the strength and curiosity to want to explore. Growing more aware she started to feel little whispers of pain popping up all over in little rhythmic beats.
She moaned.
Hearing herself seemed to cause the throbbing in her head to grow. What was just early awareness, a mere moment ago was starting to gain momentum. Memories were starting to trickle in like flashcards and she knew the levies would soon break, letting it all just flood in.
“Yeah,” she whispered. Rubbing her temples and starting to feel the floodwaters rush over her toes she almost wished he was there to knock her out again. “Right,” Lily said, remembering Rick had hit her. More than once if remembered correctly.
She could piece together parts of their argument, but not how it began. Only that he kn...

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