Short Note On Relief Strikes Essay example

Short Note On Relief Strikes Essay example

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Tensions are high and everyone is focused, which simply means everyone is close to winning the game. When it’s my turn, relief strikes as I roll a 3 and acquire the ore resource I’ve been patiently waiting to pick up for 3 rounds. I combine that ore with a wool and grain resource to purchase a development card. When I draw the card from the deck, my heart begins to race as I realize that I can pair this knight card with my other two on my next turn and win the game. While attempting to keep a firm poker face, I pass the dice to the next player and wait it out. Fortunately for me, play advances twice without any action and only the roll of the player on my right remains before I get to announce my victory. As the last player rolls the dice, a smirk begins to form on her face as she picks up her resource cards, places 5 of them in the pile and announces that she is building a city which gives her the victory. Along with everyone else, I let out a sigh, followed by a brief overview of how close I was to winning. Despite having a higher than normal price tag and being a little tedious to learn at first, The Settlers of Catan is an addicting board game with endless replay value that will give you and your family and friends hours of entertainment.
Developed by Klaus Teuber, The Settlers of Catan was published in 1995, becoming one of the biggest board games to originate from Europe. The game is designed for 3-4 players but the 5-6 player expansion can be purchased separately. It is important to note that 2 players can easily play with a little ingenuity and creativity.
The concept of the game is actually quite simple. The island of Catan is unsettled and contains five major resources which are produced on their correspond...

... middle of paper ...

...expansion pack uses most of the base game but also supplies new playing pieces and objectives such as working together to fend off the barbarians. Granted, you are paying more money for a new experience, but you are also getting more play out of your original investment. If you enjoy the base game, $30 is well worth the extra cost for a brand new exciting game the keeps you coming back, just like the first.
Although the price is a little outrageous, The Settlers of Catan provides countless hours of entertainment which surely outweighs costs. The unique, random, and exhilarating gameplay keeps you and everyone else wanting more. The Settlers of Catan is more than just a board game; it’s a game that will change your view on what a board game should be. The Settlers of Catan is an adventure—an adventure you can take with your family and friends, over and over again.

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