Shopping And The Battle Of The Sexes Essay examples

Shopping And The Battle Of The Sexes Essay examples

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Shopping and the Battle of the Sexes
Down through the ages when it comes to shopping and acquiring goods, men and women differ so much that it’s led to many a row. So what makes each gender clash so much, and is there an amicable solution? Chief marketing officer of CVS Pharmacy, Robert Price says that “Women tend to be more invested in the shopping experience on many dimensions. Where men want to go to Sears, buy a specific tool and get out.” For women, shopping can be an enjoyable time, especially when it comes to buying items on sale. A man might not enjoy it as much, especially if he is going with her and has to carry her packages or wait with nothing to do while she tries on clothing. Perhaps this is why men avoid shopping at all costs. Let’s explore the differences that make it nigh onto impossible for the two genders to shop together. Then we may see how we can help them to behave amicably with each other and see if it is possible for men and women to coexist and enjoy shopping together.
Men don’t really shop, they fill needs for particular things. They figure a need and their mind tells them where they found that item the last time and they go directly to purchase the item. Where women are all consuming and shop everywhere, anywhere and anything, a man will go straight to the item he wants and not see anything between the front door and the item. If you were to ask a man, when he is through shopping, what else the store had on sale he would probably not be able to tell you because he has a direct, straight-forward mindset of purpose. If a woman goes looking for something specific, she is keeping in mind all the other needs from other times and seeing the possibilities of filling the multitude of needs that are presented ...

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...rds were given, the wife then asked if there was a percentage taken off for using a credit card. The clerk said, “Yes, but I can give you an even bigger discount if you want to apply for our store card.” The woman agreed they should try that and in the end of the transaction the pair of $46.00 jeans cost the lady only $3.00. The man could not believe she could get the merchandise for that low a cost. Later, he told her that he would never have thought to ask for an earned credit and would have denied the try for a new credit card, just because he hadn’t needed another credit card in his wallet.
This last story sums up the merits of knowing all the tricks to get the most of your shopping. But the real question still lies, hanging out in space, “Can the genders shop together while enjoying each other’s company? Yes, if they have inordinate amounts of patience.

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