The Shooting Of Michael Brown Essay

The Shooting Of Michael Brown Essay

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The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri became a controversial media sensation. The shooting created uproar and mistrust towards police officers. Many believed the shooting was unjustified and even an act of racism on the behalf of the police Officer Darren Wilson. The Department of Justice issued an investigation in order to understand the basis of the shooting and to decide whether or not to charge Darren Wilson in the shooting. Despite the evidence and the investigation which portrayed the shooting as an act of self- defense, the shooting still remains controversial.
On the day leading up to the shooting Michael Brown and his friend robbed a convenience store. They stole approximately 50 dollars worth of cigarillos. Video footage of the robbery shows Michael Brown refusing to pay and shoving the clerk when he tries to stop the theft. Officer Darren Wilson approached the two boys and a two minute altercation ended up in the shooting and death of Michael Brown. The media played a large role in the controversy that would follow this shooting. The media’s coverage began to depict the shooting as an unjustified act based on the hurt felt by the community. Some even expressed it as a racist act since Wilson was white and Brown was African American. Many felt that police officers were often suspicious of African Americans and were often targeted with unnecessary violence. Many did not understand how robbing a convenience store could lead to death. The friend who was with Brown reported to the media that Wilson tried to strangle Brown and that at the time of the shooting Brown had his hands up as if to surrender. The media spread these stories and portrayed the shooting in a negative light even before all the facts were ...

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...s to keep the state safe despite protests and riots as well as make sure Darren Wilson did not violate any laws of the state of Missouri. The state also hoped to create reforms to better race relations. On the federal level was the investigation which hoped to find out if the shootings were legal and whether or not Officer Darren Wilson should be charged in the shooting.
The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri attracted much media attention and remains controversial still today. The case created mistrust towards police officers and many believed the shooting was an act of racism by Officer Darren Wilson. The Department of Justice investigated the case and came to the conclusion based on different evidences that Wilson shot out of self defense and had reasonable suspicion to believe that Brown was a threat to his safety as well as the safety of the public.

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