The Shooting Is A 26 Second Film By Abraham Zapruder Essay

The Shooting Is A 26 Second Film By Abraham Zapruder Essay

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With one gunshot the nation was brought to a standstill. On November 22, 1963 at approximately 12:30 pm Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed John F. Kennedy with three shots. However, this tragic event is loaded with controversy and multiple conspiracies theories surround it still to this day. The main piece of evidence in the shooting is a 26 second film by Abraham Zapruder. Zapruder was merely a civilian filming a family home movie and happened to capture a very historic moment in U.S. history. Although there are claims that even this significant piece of evidence is merely a hoax it is still seen as the most solid from of evidence for this case. Oswald was officially arraigned on November 23 for the murders of President Kennedy and a police officer. There are hundreds of conspiracy theories surrounding this case but the most popular ones are that there was a second shooter, mobsters did it, communists were to blame, and even traitorous CIA operatives.
The second shooter theory has been around since the beginning. The first shot that hit the president went through his neck and out the front of this throat. However, according to doctors that operated on Kennedy when he arrived at it looked as though the bullet wound was an entry wound on the front of his throat. Days later those same doctors spoke to the press saying that they were wrong in assuming it was an entry wound and took back what they said. If there was a second shooter where would he have been? According to conspiracy theorist the most likely location of the second shooter is the Grassy Knoll. The Grassy Knoll was to the right of the motorcade and had shrubs around a concrete wall and fence that would have allowed a shooter to hide while also getting the president in hi...

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...t notable piece of information that the CIA failed to mention were the plots that they had to kill Fidel Castro. In the end, the CIAs continued failure to provide clear and concise documentation of the event have led many to believe they had an active part in Kennedy’s death (Tasch and Kelley 2015).
In conclusion, with so many conspiracy theories it is hard for anyone to truly find out what actually happened on November 22. Over 50 years have passed and conspiracy theories continue to live on in the media and public. With any conspiracy theory until irrefutable evidence is found this case will not be put to rest but just like with the already existing evidence people sometimes to refuse to believe what is already evident. However, I think one thing is clear and that is that the American public does not have the full undisclosed story behind Kennedy’s assassination.

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