The Shoes On Your Feet Essay

The Shoes On Your Feet Essay

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The Shoes on Your Feet
Shoes before time:
As far back as anyone could remember it is both ethically and morally necessary to wear shoes in public. Whether it be at the market, in a hospital, or at the mall you can almost guarantee that everyone over the age of 1 will be wearing shoes. In fact, “Humans started wearing shoes about 40,000 years ago, much earlier than previously thought, new anthropological research suggests” (Baker,2008) which proves that it is the one of the very conventional aspects of our society. We as human beings in society tend to depend on these objects to be our protectants and representatives of who we are or who we want other people to think we are. People spend as much as three million dollars on a pair of uncomfortable heels or one hundred thousand dollars on a pair of Nikes worn by the famous Michael Jordan.
What are they for?
Shoes are what keep or feet from the cold, hot, bacteria and other harmful things found on the floor we walk on. They not only provide us with protection but, for may support as well. For some shoes are the platforms for which they walk on due to not having legs and for others shoes are basically the opportunity to express themselves through style or to even portray their social standings amongst those around them. From school to work to leisure activities the type of shoes one wears can not only represent gender, social, standing, but also could give a glimpse of the activities one is involved in at the time. For example, rock climbing, would require exercising shoes which can regard to both men and women, but, heels are most socially accepted in formal events such as weddings or even job interviews. Unlike tennis shoes or athletic foot wear, heels are more socially accepted o...

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... mood feel better. The matter could also come to be of how much pain is enough pain to stop wearing a certain pair of shoes. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal ,“No matter how big or small your feet, though, your shoes could be hurting them—or even causing permanent harm”(Holmes 2015) which could be the negative outcome of choosing design over comfort.

Shoes. The very things that protect our feet from bacteria and other dangers that come with the floor that we walk on. Others see them as a manner of expression of who they are or what they want to do. It could be based on like dislikes or what’s in style but overall I know we can all agree that these very things are something that many of us could not imagine our lives without. They keep us from the cold from the hot but, also allow us to express things that maybe we can’t do in words.

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