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The Shoemaker And The Tea Party Essay examples

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Throughout The Shoemaker and the Tea Party, Alfred Young clearly walks us through the ordinary life of George Robert Twelves Hewes. Some main topics discussed are: average people in historical events, how groups of people view the past, and how memories are shaped over time. Hewes is not the only person discussed in the story, yet this book is essentially a biography of his life. Young touches all of the topics through talking about the different times in Hewes’ life. Ultimately, within this essay, I will demonstrate the understanding of The Shoemaker and the Tea Party, and effectively discuss the main topics during the course of this story.
An average person can play a vital role in major historical events in several different ways. In The Shoemaker and the Tea Party, Alfred Young lets the reader know that this role has a lot to do with political values ; the honorary people learned about in school, the special events that are noted each year, the monuments and statues that stand tall in America, and many more aspects. There are so many significant people in American history whom get overlooked, yet if they had not done their part/job, America would not be the same. Essentially, the people many may consider “ordinary,” can have an extraordinary role in history by merely doing their everyday job.
A perfect example of this “average” person is George Robert Twelves Hewes, the main character in The Shoemaker and the Tea Party – he was a shoemaker during the 18th century. He was significant to many events such as the American Revolution, Boston Massacre, and the Boston Tea Party. Many may ask how such a simplistic job could possibly play any kind of role in American history. Though Hewes was not a political figurehead, nor a famous l...

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...y was eventually recovered in the context of the Revolution . This quote helps to contextualize the memory shaped around the Boston Tea Party:
Hewes was appropriated at the time to serve a conservative version of history, but other Americans were free to make of him what they would, as they still are. The Tea Party became an iconic event in public memory because men like Hewes came forward with their private memories. We are doubly in their debt—for what they did in history and for the history they have helped to recover.
Essentially, The Shoemaker and the Tea Party elaborately expresses many thoughts on “average” people in “big” history events, different views on the past, and memories shaped over time in American history. The reader is able to walk through the life of George Robert Twelves Hewes, while scrutinizing the three main topics seen throughout the story.

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