Shirley And Owen Are A Chinese Couple Essay

Shirley And Owen Are A Chinese Couple Essay

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Shirley and Owen are a Chinese couple. In the 1990s, when the bicycle was the most popular transportation in China, this couple hired a full-time driver and a full-time housekeeper. Shirley was an architect who worked for the city planning department and had a specialty in earthquake resistant structure designing. In a traditional patriarchal society, her irreplaceable specialty made her famous in her area and guaranteed her position in the government. She also started an architecture design company by herself as a second job. Shirley came from an upper-class family. Her grandfather was famous in China when the Nationalist Party of China was in charge. Her Godfather was the senior pastor in one of the biggest churches in the city. She participated in ministries and was a deacon in the church. She was kind, energetic, and confident.
Owen, Shirley’s husband, was the head of a government-owned factory. He was a smart, kind and hardworking engineer who improved and expanded the business of the factory more than ten times than it was before. Then he was promoted to be the head a governmental scientific department. When most people struggled in learning Mandarin, he went to Beijing to study English. He and Shirley were high school classmates. They got married when they graduated from college. Shirley’s Godfather did not support their marriage because Owen was not a Christian. But Shirley loved him so much that she still married him. She conceived a baby a few years later. While she was pregnant, Owen had extramarital sex with other women when he had meetings in a city far away from home. It seemed that Shirley kept everything in a low key and forgave him because they lived in harmony. In 1997, Owen converted to Christianity. Four ye...

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... Canada and Canada to America) affect their family or anything related to racism. The negative impact of migration came from the financial stress and culture adjusting. The positive thing was that family members had to be together because they only had each other to get through all the challenges. For Shirley, the hurt of affairs which caused by separation was probably replaced by togetherness.
When all the family members were separated after their migration to the States (she was in LA, Owen was Vancouver, and their son was in Toronto), Shirley felt sad. She tried to ask them to move to LA, but neither of them said yes to her because of their work in Canada. Shirley lived in sadness by herself and recalled all the negative feeling from the past, including Owen’s affairs thirty years ago. Did she forgive Owen for the affairs or did she still could not forgive him?

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