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Shigeru Ban

Shigeru Ban is an architect born in Tokyo, Japan. Ban was formed in California. He is usually regarded as a traditional Japanese architect although he did not studied in his country. His work is characterized by the use of unconventional recycled materials. In 1986, Artek.Inc came to Ban and asked him to design a chair with a particular material named UPM. This material is created from the industrial waste of paper and plastic. Shigeru said, “They asked me to design some chair out of this material, then I use this, made out of this system a very unique system. Because this material is quite weak material, because of the fiber of the paper is very short. So in order to use a weak material we cannot make a complicated shape, out of this material, so I made a very simple “L” shape unit out of one mold, then we repeat this as a leg, front and back and a back twine to just one unit to make a chair.” Ban designed a single type of unit that accede to be flat packed for easy transportation. They are known because of the simplicity, functionality, and sustainability. Even thought Shigeru Ban said, “I don’t want to use the word ecology or sustainability or green because I don’t understand those meanings,” the use of recycled materials has labeled him as sustainable and humanitarian designer. Ban use this recycled materials thinking in the economy, its recyclability and low cost technology for the building. Shigeru Ban was concerned with society. He stated, “After I started practicing as architect, I was quite shocked to find out; architects are no respected by society and I founded the why easy because we don’t mind to work for the privilege people, not general public. Historically we have been working for the king, r...

... middle of paper ... of Tokyo. This was built in 1995. The ground floor has been left open, public space ceded to the street and the house serves as parking. On the first floor service elements and areas of day is located and the top floor is reserved for rooms. The curtain covers the two floors enclosing the space. Behind the curtain there are several sliding glass walls inside to create a private space and isolates it from the sound.
In conclusion, Shigeru Ban is known for its creativity and his ability to design sustainable buildings. He took a step further by creating truly innovative architectural forms based basically made of paper, cardboard, and organic material. Over the past twenty years he has built many pavilions and houses exploring the possibilities of new materials. He became famous designing shelters and the way he use innovative solutions for his designs.

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