Essay on The Sheep Is Truly Sheep, But Less Than One Year Old

Essay on The Sheep Is Truly Sheep, But Less Than One Year Old

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Sacrificed yet worshipped, killed and praised, meek but great; Christians first associate this thought with Jesus Christ himself, as he himself died for our sins one week after being praised for being so great. However, that isn 't what I was referring to. I was talking about sheep and lambs. However, the only real difference between the two is a age gap. Lambs are truly sheep, but less than one year old. Sheep are lambs that grown up past a full year (Sheep 101: Sheep Terms). Lamb is also the name of the meat that is scavenged from killed lambs, while mutton is the name of meat of killed sheep (Sheep 101: Sheep Terms). In addition to their meat, their wool is also a remarkable feature of them, providing them warmth, can be harvested from them by shearing it off, and sold to make warm clothing for humanity. If it can 't be clear by this point, sheep are very important animals for humans, and with them staying with us for up to 4000 years before Jesus was born, they are one of the most iconic animals to mankind (Sheep In Religion And Theology). However, sheep served more purpose to man than just a way to be fed and warm.
For starters, they were basically the default animal for being slaughtered or sacrificed. There isn 't a real set time they were started of being sacrificed, but it 's assumed it happened around the time of the Greeks and Romans (Sheep In Religion And Theology). They were slaughtered for their Gods in either a attempt to please them for a favor, or to celebrate and praise them. Interestingly, they also believed that animal innards were able to predict the future. It was for this purpose that a sheep 's liver was the most commonly sacrificed organ for divination . As for the Greeks themselves, whom used humans as s...

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... part of you stays within the boundaries of society, family values or both (Sheep Spirit Animal). Overall, sheep as spirit animals tend to lead people to being more gentle and more soft with themselves, others, and the world around them.
Sheep and their symbolism in the world, most noticeably with a parallel to Jesus, is astonishing. They have been not only sacrificed to gods, but been paralleled to Jesus and his own crucifixion. They have been worshipped like a God despite their simple nature, just like Jesus was. Despite being most commonly associated with the likes of Catholic religions, their symbol and importance has spread across the world phenomenally, like the Bible was. There was a reason they are associated with childish innocence and gentleness with spirit animals after all; that 's a result of being affiliated with Jesus Christ and sacrifices for so long.

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