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Management & Organization
Key Employees/Principles
Shear Essence Salon, LLC is owned by Danielle Stringer, who is currently a beautician at local salon in Medford, OR and the assistant manager. She and has been cutting hair for a couple years now, but has always dreamed of owning her own salon. Recently her grandmother passed away and left Danielle the money she will need to pursue this dream. Danielle graduated from Phagans’ Cosmetology College located in Medford, OR. Phagans offers education to become certified in a career of hair stylist, colorist, and manicurist or nail technician, esthetician, barber, makeup artist or a salon or spa owner (College, 2014). All of the stylist working for Shear Essence went to school and graduated at the top of their class at Phagans. Danielle is certified as a beautician and as an esthetician. Esthetician is a person with special training in administering facials, aromatherapy, hair and skin care, makeup, etc. She will be using these skills to enhance the atmosphere that Shear Essence strives to portray; professionalism and relaxation.

The office manager position will be held by Kelly Stringer who recently competed her bachelor’s degree at Southern Oregon University in business management with the emphasis on accounting. Shear Essence will be known as a family business as Kelly is Danielle’s mother.

Mark Knowles, known for his amazing talent in men’s fade haircuts will be the assistant manager and will work directly with Danielle and helping her with her duties on her days off. Mark is well known for his abilities to do military cuts and has built up a clientele with the local Reserves and the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs.

Three other stylist will be full time, Jul...

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