Shark Tank : A Reality Television Show With The Purpose Of Entertain Essay

Shark Tank : A Reality Television Show With The Purpose Of Entertain Essay

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Shark Tank is a reality television show with the purpose of entertain, educate and motivate people, showing an easy way to expand entrepreneurs companies and ideas that haven not start yet and making the American dream possible. Shark Tank have create thousand of jobs making millions of dollars with ideas from zero or growing products. They know how to start small businesses and helping the entrepreneurs to achieve huge successes.
The student decided to watch the second episode of the eighth season of Shark Tank because it was the first one that he was able to find on The episode had four entrepreneurs with great ideas and products, each entrepreneur had great charisma and energy, furthermore everyone had a different style to introduce and sell their products.
The first entrepreneurs were Sebastian and Raul, they introduced the Power Project, it was about customizing suit jackets with a simple accessories that stuck in the lapel of suit transforming it into a tuxedo. This revolutionary idea can makes easier and cheaper for people getting tuxedos for special events.
Sebastian and Raul were requesting $150,000 and the 20 % of their own company, this product has been few months on sell and just abeable in one place and they were making up to $16,000. One of the sharks offer to them $50,000 and 30% of their company and they agree with this deal.
The second entrepreneur was Leslie Pearson, she introduced GoodHangups. It is a simple idea that started while she was struggling with her kid 's artwork, because her kid was doing too much art and she had not enough space on the fridge where she could hang another picture. Therefore, she refuse to make more holes in the walls and stick tape that was always damaging the wal...

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...duct fight between each other to see which gave him the best offer, until finally one of them gave him what he wanted just $150,000 with a return of 10% and they accepted the deal.
This is not the first time that the student have watched a episode of Shark Tank, but today he realized learn many things, like how important is to learn how to speak, and be able to show the full potential of the product that you offering, because it is hard to succeed if sellers can not motivate people to buy their products. This TV show motivates people to start a career as an entrepreneur or at least create a product and go there and make a good deal. Also I learned that entrepreneurs have a lot of energy, charisma, and innovation, and most important is know your product the advantages and disadvantages, and how can it make a help people to makes their life easier with simple things.

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